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Questioning:  It consists on  listening to  the patient's discomfort and conducting an extensive interview.  The practitioner  would ask questions related to body condition  (like  temperature,  perspiration,   appetite,  thirst,  sleeping,  energy,  urine,  stools  etc), past medical history,  emotional issues (depression, mood swing, lack of concentration etc)  and lifestyle,  which might include  environmental  conditions  (at work place  and home),  relationship (with partners, families,  friends,  and  co-workers),  diet  patterns,  sex  life,  and  exercise.  These  questions  provide important information about the physical and mental condition of the patient.

Observation:  TCM practitioners  are trained in the observation of external signs of any imbalance of the internal body.  The tongue plays  an important role in this technique, but information is also gathered from the conditions of the skin,  hair,  nails, throat, teeth, gum, mouth, lips, face etc.

Hearing and smelling:  Information is gathered from the  conditions of the voice and breathing and the presence of cough, frequent sighing, hiccups and BorBorygmus, as well as from the odours of the body.

Palpation: Palpating, feeling and pressing in specific areas of the body are also ways to determine the condition of a patient. Pulse diagnostics plays a very important role in TCM,  giving  information on the state of individual organs and the balance of the body as a whole.

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"Amazing treatment! Ben’s Health know exactly what they are doing. The staff are very professional and I had a wonderful acupuncture experience. I was totally relaxed. I would definitely go back. After the session I felt rejuvenated and energised."

Chantal Fennell