Massage Treatments

Massage is an effective treatment for reducing stress, easing muscle tension and managing pain. Massage therapy is also beneficial for sports injuries, joint pain, headaches and insomnia, especially in combination with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

We have a team of experienced, talented massage therapists, fully trained in a number of massage techniques ranging from light strokes to deep pressure.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is primarily a relaxation treatment. It was first developed to increase oxygen flow and help release of toxins from your muscles and is one of the most popular styles for overall relaxation. This is an oil based full body massage, using gentle strokes to release tension and revive muscles, leaving you both invigorated and relaxed.
Benefits of our Swedish massage can include:
Inspire relaxation | Alleviate stress | Relieve muscle tension | Improving circulation | Promote calmness

swedish massage


Relax and unwind with a tension-reducing massage and a customised combination of essential oils to suit your needs. A gentle treatment that lifts your senses and instills an overall feeling of well-being.

Chinese (Deep Tissue) Massage

Chinese massage is related to acupuncture in its use of the meridian system, and its purpose is to bring the body into balance.  It is used for treating injuries,  joint and muscle problems and internal disorders.
Deep tissue treatments focus on different layers of your muscle and tendon tissue and help to relax and lengthen muscles and reduce repetitive strain pattern injuries.
Benefits include:
Intense healing | Deeper relaxation | Relieve spasms | Strengthen muscles | Ease strain | Improve posture

Sports Massage

Sports massage is targeted for optimal performance in a wide range of sports. It is a deep pressure treatment where the therapist and client work together to eliminate muscle soreness, reduce recovery times, improve flexibility and help prevent further sports and occasional injury.



Our foot massage is performed by qualified specialists, applying pressure to specific reflexology zones on your feet, improving blood circulation which in turn helps with detoxification. As well as promoting the restoration your body’s natural healing process reflexology can be pleasurable and a highly relaxing experience, washing away many stresses of busy lives.
Benefits of our foot massage can include:

Reduce fatigue | Help depression | Fix headaches | Lessen anxiety | Improved skin | Beat stress and insomnia

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"Alice on reception was so lovely and welcoming. I had a deep tissue massage for an hour which was great. My masseuse was Andrea, she was fantastic. Just needed some chilled tranquil music in the background. "
Eleanor Palmer